They Get Around

There are two parts of my body that get a lot of action these days. They put a smile on my face, and never seem to stop moving. 

Yes, I’m talking about my feet. These two pedicured laborers have allowed me to escape a few times this summer. I didn’t want them to feel unappreciated, so I gave my little feet a little treat and sampled a pair of Keen’s new line of sandals called UNEEK (provided to me by Keen).


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: My littlest and me with our UNEEKS


As a stay-at-home mom, my travel days and frequent outings are limited because of the litany of errands, play dates, and housework. All of these things require me to be on my feet all day – so I was thrilled to find a comfortable pair of shoes that could keep up with my daily routine. But my life is not all grocery shopping and cleaning the floors – we try to fit some fun in there every once in a while. My family and I took a couple little trips: one to Gettysburg where we strolled around the battlefield and museum for four hours, and one to Harper’s Ferry and enjoyed six hours of hiking. I can say I enjoyed these little escapes because by the end of them, there were no blisters! UNEEK’s open-air design, along with its ultra-soft material feels like suede on the inside (see below). After using them around the house, I was surprised how great they were for hiking because I’m used to those clunky (and uncomfortable) hiking boots.


UNEEK sandal


In all honesty, we do sacrifice a bit of form for function here (they aren’t exactly visually stunning), but the comfort they provide is too good to pass up. Even my son loves his. The kids’ line is a bit cuter; and in fact, people stopped us to ask where they could buy a pair for themselves.


UNEEK kid’s shoe


With all that being said, my feet and I are thankful for our new kicks. It solves the “long-lasting comfort” problem for us and our kids. So… Thank you so much, KEEN, for providing us with such great shoes!!! My girls are continuing to get around :)


Harper's Ferry
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