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Now that the new school year started, I wanted to share a resource that came out within the past year. Last November I was asked to attend a blogger event hosted by Huntington Learning Center (Ashburn, VA campus). The learning center wanted to create a sort of “think tank” event for the creation of this Study Skills eBook.

While we were there, the owners provided us with information and tips about creating good study habits, but they were also looking to us, bloggers, for our ideas and two cents. Shortly after this event, they compiled this short eBook offering suggestions and recommendations for successful study skills. I walked away learning a lot about how kids should study and how to help them become more organized for successful homework habits. But there was also tips we discussed that was not included in here. One idea (which I currently do…inconsistently) was to give your preschoolers activity books and call it “homework”. It needs to be fun, and if it’s consistently done after school, your child will already be in the mindset to do homework without a struggle. We’ll see how this evolves when homework is no longer “fun”, but it’s worth a shot anyway.

My takeaways from the discussion:

  1. From the beginning, verbally communicate your expectations about homework and grades. Don’t assume your child knows (for example, “I expect you to finish your homework everyday, and maintain an A average”) .
  2. Your child should be sitting at a desk. NOT on a bed or floor.
  3. There shouldn’t be music. They said that even music without lyrics can be incredibly distracting…? However articles have come out saying how classical music can help, so I’m not sure what to think about this one.
  4. If your child is having difficulty completing his/her homework, it’s especially important that he/she completes it in a public part of the house (e.g., kitchen, dining room), so the parent can monitor the child.
  5. Establish a “homework time” with your child, and make sure you stick to that every day.

Here is the link to access the eBook:  Study Skills for Kids eBook

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    1. Haha it’s always nice getting validation. My kids aren’t in elementary school yet, so it’s really helpful knowing how to help them appropriately. I did so many of these things wrong in high school, and I paid for it in college. Thanks for the comment :)

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