Our Visit to Sky Meadows State Park

Not only do I love impromptu outings, but I also love to visit and explore new places. Last Saturday I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and visit rural VA, so we headed out to Sky Meadows State Park in Delaplane. The drive didn’t take too long from our place in Northern VA – only about an hour.
When we got there I noticed people putting on sunscreen, bug spray, and carrying hiking gear. Right. It’s a state park. And then there was me. Rolling up in a skirt.  With a sleeveless blouse.  And gladiator platform sandals. However we didn’t let this ruin our experience (thankfully I had a pair of Pumas in the car). Once we started walking and breathing in the fresh air, I took it all in and enjoyed all the beauty and sense of peace. The hills were quiet and green, and an historic area with Lord Fairfax’s colonial home (complete with an ice house) was preserved and well maintained.
If you’re a hiker or outdoor enthusiast, then you would enjoy what this park has to offer (hiking, fishing, swimming, and camping). There are 1,864 acres with 9.5 miles of bridle trails, 19 miles of hiking trails, and 8 miles of bike trails. My family’s experience? We hiked for 20 minutes. Flash had an off day due to poor sleep the night before, and my precious Butter Cheeks isn’t fond of walking. If it were up to him, every street and mountain would be equipped with a Hoveround.
But during the little walking we did, we could hear the cows moo’ing from afar. I kept trying to convince Husband that the cows sounded like something out of Jurassic Park, but I think I was alone on that one. We took a couple of pictures showing the gorgeous backdrop. I felt like I was in “The Sound of Music.”
And then when we got to the top of a hill… which is where Flash’s meltdown began. We managed to get a couple of pictures because we bribed him with lunch at a restaurant to get him to calm down.
 This picture sums it up perfectly- Butter Cheeks off his feet and Flash PO’d 
And then my favorite part proceeded… lunch! The park rangers were all so friendly and helpful, and one even recommended a great restaurant, Hunter’s Head Tavern in Upperville (about 10 minutes from the park). It’s a farm to table concept, and they “use organic, local, and non-GMO meats and produce wherever possible” in their dishes. I fell in love with it because it’s this adorable 1750’s home that was transformed into an authentic English Pub.
When you walk in, you order off of a chalkboard and then seat yourself at your own table. We sat outside, under a large canopy. Everything felt so rustic, it was like we were being transported back in time.  I loved the huge wooden chairs and tables. Their plates looked like they were made out of tin from the 18th or 19th century.  The only thing that wasn’t reminiscent of the days of yore were the prices.  For two kid’s hamburgers, one turkey sandwich, a crispy pork belly sandwich, one beer, two milks, and a martini it was $80 (Husband wasn’t terribly excited about that). It was good though… It definitely tasted fresh, and the servers were friendly and attentive – so all in all it was a great experience.