My Interview With Dr. Laura Markham on Parenting Siblings

Do you recognize this sweet face? This is clinical psychologist, Dr. Laura Markham. You’ve probably read her parenting tips without knowing it because she is EVERYWHERE (Today Show,, The Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, Redbook). For this reason, I’m so grateful she took the time to speak with me! We spoke about how to handle our kids when they fight and how we as parents can foster a loving relationship between our children.

I HIGHLY recommend listening to our entire conversation sans kids because this parenting guru changed my life. The same day we spoke, I implemented her advice and then felt like God handed me new children. It was so effective; I can’t thank her enough.

I hope you find her loving and gentle parenting guidance as useful as I did!


Dr. Laura Markham

5 thoughts on “My Interview With Dr. Laura Markham on Parenting Siblings”

  1. I’m the mom of an only child, so I’m fascinated by parenting multiple children. Thanks for sharing this.

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