DIY Wax for Hair Removal

My husband calls me a hippie and tree-hugger, and I admit I kind of am, but not in a purist-kind-of-way. By this I mean, I love all natural, organic, and environmentally conscious lifestyles. However… sporting a mustache and combing my legs are not options.  For this reason, after a very stressful couple of weeks (we … Continue reading DIY Wax for Hair Removal

The Loss of My Mother

It’s been 11 months since my mom passed away. She was one of the most fun-loving and selfless people I ever knew. She was more than a parent. She was my mom. She was one of my best friends. Even though it’s been almost year, my grief hasn’t ended. It’s been a process, and a … Continue reading The Loss of My Mother

Independent Play Activities

Whether it’s because your child isn’t napping, or you just need to watch an episode of the Golden Girls for the 50th time (I shamelessly admit I like to kick it with these blue hairs), it’s nice to have some activities up your sleeve when you need some “me time.” Flash went through a period where … Continue reading Independent Play Activities

Imperfection is for Me

I don’t know many mothers who wouldn’t love to look polished and have a squeaky clean home when they walk out of the door in the morning. Be well dressed, put their make-up on, style their hair perfectly. I so want to have the time and energy to do these things… but that is certainly … Continue reading Imperfection is for Me

Gratitude Chalkboard

  It’s very important for me to teach my kids gratitude. At a friend’s house, I saw a board hanging on her kitchen wall. Written on it were the names of all the members in her family and what each was grateful for. I fell in love with this way of teaching kids gratitude. I … Continue reading Gratitude Chalkboard

DIY Attempt #1: Wall Coat Hanger

I love making things! Pinterest is a great inspiration, and I’m endlessly in awe of all you brilliant people’s creativity. That’s where I got the idea for this craft project. I decided to save myself some money and make a coat/bag hanger for Flash’s room. I might be embarrassing myself and in need of an … Continue reading DIY Attempt #1: Wall Coat Hanger

Best Kid Apps

One of my girlfriends recently reached out on Facebook asking what apps people recommend as she is taking a long flight with her toddler. This had me wondering as well, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to do some research. I think we could all use this fabulous technology for those rainy … Continue reading Best Kid Apps

The Battle Over the Artichoke

I often hear parents complain about their kids not eating vegetables. My kids happen to be the odd ones out who like their fruits and veggies. I always make sure to have them out for dinner, so they are always present and available. If they don’t want it, no big deal. One vegetable that gets … Continue reading The Battle Over the Artichoke

School Rocks…The House

Flash started preschool last week, and he loves it. Zero tears, and he couldn’t wait to get up the next day and go again. I had the assumption that if my son was tear free and excited about school, then that meant the end of any possible adjustment concerns. I was wrong, and I wish … Continue reading School Rocks…The House