Relaunch Party Countdown

  I can’t wait for the event this Thursday!! I feel so grateful for all my good friends who are coming out to support me. It’ll be a fun night of shopping and mingling. Remember it’s March 3rd from 7-9 pm at Mosaic District. I hope to meet some of you :) One of you will … Continue reading Relaunch Party Countdown

My Imperfect, Happy Marriage

  Do you ever feel frustrated trying to arrange your flowers in a vase? My mom had a knack for it.  She could take these imperfect flowers, care for them, and create this beautiful display. I always hoped her botanical skills would rub off on me. Well they didn’t. Instead I fell prey to their deceiving … Continue reading My Imperfect, Happy Marriage

Hummus Lemon Dressing

Lemons are one of the loves of my life. I use them all the time in my recipes, especially when I want to flavor my fruits and vegetables. This Hummus Lemon Dressing was created because I got bored of my usual olive oil and vinegar dressing. It’s pretty lemony, so you can obviously adjust the amount … Continue reading Hummus Lemon Dressing

Flight Trampoline Park Discount

While you and the kiddos are home for break, here’s a fun offer that’ll get you out of the house- 25% off Jump Ticket at Flight Trampoline Park in Springfield, VA. Just click on the link, enter your email address, and they’ll send you the discount. It expires on January 16, 2016. They have … Continue reading Flight Trampoline Park Discount

DIY Countdown to the Holidays

While most moms are getting their holiday shopping done, I’m in Guest Blog Wonderland. One of the guest blogs I wrote up this week was a DIY holiday craft for Hip Mama’s Place. I painted a few wooden cubes, which my boys love. When they wake up, they enjoy changing the number of days until Christmas. … Continue reading DIY Countdown to the Holidays

If Our Toilet Could Talk

We are past potty training. Now, my five and three-year-old sons have entered the Era of the Bowl of Golden Showers. By this I mean, we are in a phase where the whole bathroom is showered with love every time my precious boys (literally) run in and out. Always in a rush? YES. Why? I DON’T KNOW. … Continue reading If Our Toilet Could Talk