My Favorite Stress Reliever


Ever since I felt Flash kung fu fighting in my womb, I’ve been worrying. Back then it was about maintaining a healthy pregnancy and healthy children. Presently, these concerns have evolved into (among other things) “Will my kids ever stop assaulting each other?” And, “Am I’m a good mother?”  Alas, I guess that’s parenthood for you. But instead of letting my stress, fears, and worries consume me, I’ve decided to take action. Recently I began meditating again. And immediately I remembered why I fell in love with this practice so long ago.
My initial exposure to meditation came from my father; a spiritual, Eastern-philosophy-loving man. After seeing how it transformed his life, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. My first time dabbling with meditation was (in a weird way) similar to a teenager experimenting with drugs. I was curious, I tried it, I loved it, and then I was hooked. But unlike drugs, I wasn’t addicted to a high, but to a sense of peace that I’d never felt before.
Along with the peace and spiritual fulfillment meditation provided me, it also alleviated my tension headaches and helped me sleep better. Despite all of the benefits, eventually I stopped doing it. I allowed my life to get in the way and my excuses began to stack high. But for some reason, a few weeks ago, I decided to make it a priority again. Perhaps it was an increasing need for spirituality in my life – a part of me longing for a panacea for this stressful life.
I experienced an interesting juxtaposition while rediscovering meditation – the light of peace and positivity against the darkness of my fears.  What resulted was the fear melting away, and I emerged a more patient, energetic, effective, and happier mother. I found myself letting go of the stress and the worry that bogged me down. I saw my anxieties as a sailboat drifting into the distance, taking with it my stress. I’d be lying if I said all my worries vanished; but my fears greatly diminished. And along with my diminished fears came an appreciation for my surroundings, greater positivity, more energy, a sense of peace, and overall happiness.
I share this with you because one of the most valuable aspects of my life is mothering, and meditation has had a profound impact on my ability to be a loving and effective mother while dealing with the other stresses that life throws my way. With this blog post, I not only share my experience with this tried-and-true practice, but I hope that it can positively impact your life as well. If you’re a beginner, here are a few good tips to help get you started. Remember that meditation (like everything else) takes practice – so it’s easy to get frustrated or bored.  But if you have patience and keep at it, you will be rewarded.  If you’d like to try, here are two simple meditations

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