DIY: Kid-Friendly Valentine Craft

valentine cork board 1

(*please excuse the issues with the pics and spacing! i’m not sure how to fix it after it was transferred from my old blog!)

I recently noticed that I have a love affair with cork boards- classic ones, burlap ones, any and all! With this in mind and Valentine’s Day creeping up, I created a Valentine Cork Board using my son’s hand prints to form a heart. This kid-friendly craft only requires three items and hardly any time. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I love anything involving my babies’ prints.

Here are the three items you need:

  • Cork Board
  • Acrylic Paint- red and white (or whichever colors you like, but make sure it isn’t too light or dark depending on the color of your board)
  • Stencil letters
Getting Started 
I recommend having your child practice how to make a heart shape with her hands prior to starting the craft. It took my four year old one try before he understood what I wanted. My two year old, on the other hand, didn’t quite get it. It was cute nonetheless.
Once your child masters the heart, then he or she can do it on the cork board. Make sure your child doesn’t have too much paint on his hands because you won’t get a clear print; it’ll be smudgy. Practicing on construction paper to remove some of the paint helps. I know the print doesn’t make a perfect heart, but that’s what I love about it. 
valentine cork board 2. jpg
Now that you have her precious prints, you can stencil the first letter of her name on the bottom right corner. With the dark color of my cork, red was difficult, so I was happy I had some blue paint stashed away.
                             You’re done and ready to pin on to your board once it’s dry.

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