Two Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Crafts

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I can’t believe Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away! If you’re looking for some ideas for centerpieces or place mat setting decor, then I have one for each. First, I will show you my Thanksgiving Tree, which I think makes a pretty centerpiece for the dinner table, kitchen counter, or coffee table. As for my second DIY craft, A Thanksgiving Message in a Bottle, your kids will enjoy creating their thoughtful message to your guests, and it will make a cute addition to the table mat settings.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the adorable artwork and crafts my kids make. Their 10-eyed sketches of “mommy” and drawings of limbless people are the best! But for this post, the Thanksgiving crafts I created are more “mommy-like.” Children can take part in the process, but you finish them up.

DIY 1: The Thankfulness Tree

Thanksgiving Tree Centerpiece

Ever had that moment where you think you came up with something original, and then you stumble upon it? That was my most recent “craft moment” with the Thankfulness Tree. However, with the others I’ve seen, you can tell kids made it. I love the simplicity and beauty of this one.

The point of this Tree is having your kid(s) express what he or she is thankful for.  And either you, or your child, can write each word on a different leaf. For example, one leaf says “Cookies.” And, no, that wasn’t my child’s answer, haha.

For this craft, you need the following:

  • Three or four branches. They can look real, or you can find colored ones like mine. I found these at Michaels.
  • A bunch of real yellow, orange, and/or red leaves
  • A packet of Christmas ornament hooks
  • A black or white Sharpie
  • A vase
This couldn’t get any simpler. First, arrange the branches in the vase. Second, gather the family and talk about what you’re thankful for. Third, either you or they write down their one word per leaf. Fourth, add one hook per leaf to hang on each branch, and now you’re done!
As I mentioned previously, this piece can look great in other areas of the house. For its safety, ours is sitting on our bedroom dresser.
Thanksgiving Tree as decor
DIY 2: A Thanksgiving Message in a Bottle

You can give your place mat setting a special touch this year by adding a Thanksgiving message in a bottle. The message in each bottle will be from your children, and it can include a drawing and/or message to each guest stating why your kids are thankful for that person. I think it makes a cute surprise and thoughtful gift. And I know, I’m once again using my beloved jars. I love them and would live in one if I could!

This is another very simple craft that allows you and your child to get as creative as you’d like. I kept mine simple to show you the basics, but you can paint the jar white, or whichever other color(s) you’d like. And instead of twine, you can use ribbons. Here are the items I used:

  • Milk jars (I found mine at Michaels, but can use mason jars or your baby food jars for smaller messages)
  • Kitchen twine
  • Bright Leaves
  • A black or white Sharpie
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
First, have your child draw and/or explain to you why he or she is thankful for your guest on a piece of construction paper. But make sure you cut up and roll up the paper beforehand to ensure it’s the right size for your jar. Once the message is written, roll it up, tie it with twine, and place it in the jar. For the name tag, get a leaf and write your guest’s name. Then with the scissors, cut a tiny hole in the leaf and pull the twine through. Finally, wrap the name tag around the top of the jar.

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  1. Cute decor ideas and so easy to make. It's always amazing how little details can make a huge impact on the feel of a room. By the way loving the top of your dining table.

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