Indoor Games That Get Your Kids Moving

Holy Polar Vortez! What the hell is this weather?? I love mothers, but there is one I’m giving the giant finger to right now… And that’s you, Mother Nature! Must be nice to not have offspring bouncing off the walls on these frigid days. So for everyone’s sanity, I’ve compiled a list of indoor games that will (hopefully) help expend some energy this fall and winter.

Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers (Age 1 to 5)

1. From Mattress to Trampoline

If you have an old mattress sitting in your storage room that you never plan to use again, then whip it out and use it as a trampoline. I’ve done it at my house, and I have to say, I have no regrets. I no longer let my kids jump on my or their beds, but instead on a beat-up mattress. It’s safer than a real trampoline as it sits very close to the ground. And it definitely tires them out.

2.  An Obstacle Course

When the weather is bad and the kids are wound up, I make them an obstacle course. They climb, jump, and run until they can’t run anymore. My oldest likes to be timed, so we use a stopwatch and have him try to beat his times. You can also have them complete the course while pretending to be a different animal. This can be comical!

3.  Watch the Snake!

Remember in PE or recess when you would turn your jump rope into a snake by wiggling it on the floor? You then have to jump over the “snake” without touching it. You can wiggle the rope as slow or high as you’d like. And you don’t need two people to make the rope wiggle. Some toddlers may be able to participate as well

4.  Dance Party

This can apply to any age. Turn on music your child likes and let loose! It’s great bonding time, and it will definitely burn some energy.

Butter Cheeks (bottom) was really feeling the beat, haha.

Games for Elementary Schoolers (Age 5 to 11)

1.  Balloon Up

When my older brother and I were little, we used to play with the left over balloons from my birthday party by playing Balloon Up. The object of the game is to have the other person stand across from you, and either with your hands or ping pong paddle, you hit the balloon to each other back and forth. It can’t touch the ground.

2.  Twister

I used to laugh so much with this game. Twister works on your balance, as well as your strength. Having to balance on your hands and feet can be challenging because it requires you to stay in position while maintaining your body weight. I’m so happy this game is still around!

3.  Crab Walk Soccer

Grab a soccer ball and create two soccer posts for scoring. You and your child must get into a crab position on the floor and play soccer. This can be exhausting!

Games for Middle Schoolers (Ages 11 to 14)

1. Ball on the Wall

If you have a medicine ball (or other decently sized ball), face the wall and lie on the floor next to your child. Put your legs up 90 degrees, and with your feet, roll the ball on to the wall. The object is for you and your child to keep the ball on the wall without it falling. This works your legs and abs and builds teamwork.

2.  Beach Paddle Ball

I’m sure you didn’t think you’d see your paddle ball set until next summer. Well dust it off and use it at home! It requires eye-hand coordination and has you sprinting and squatting.
Games for High Schoolers

1.  Boot Camp

Allow your teen to create a boot camp session for the both of you to do together. Set aside at least 20 minutes and make sure you get your heart rate up. Maybe you can make it a weekly ritual to not only bond, but to also get fit.

2.  Dance Central for XBOX 360

Listen to trending music while mimicking the dance moves on screen. For some laughs, you can battle your teen in a dance battle. Good luck mom!

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