Independent Play Activities

Whether it’s because your child isn’t napping, or you just need to watch an episode of the Golden Girls for the 50th time (I shamelessly admit I like to kick it with these blue hairs), it’s nice to have some activities up your sleeve when you need some “me time.” Flash went through a period where he wasn’t napping, and after his third day of watching TV, I decided to try some other things. Here are some ideas that worked for us and others you wonderful moms suggested (thank you!!):
Reusable Sticker Books  (For example, Melissa & Doug)
Stamp Sets
Activity Books + trinkets– I sometimes make a stop at the Dollar Store and pick up things the boys would like and store them.
Time to whip out those old toys on your toy rotation! I observe which toys my children may not be into at the time to store and months to a year later they end up enjoying them.  
Rice Table (like a sand or water table; train tables are also great)
Play Kitchen– Pretending you’re at a restaurant and ordering food for your child to make.
Audio books– The library is a great place to check some out.
 Play-Doh Stations– We have bulldozers, brickmakers, etc. that I lay out on the table.
Make Slime (but don’t let him/her play with this near carpet!)
Keep those party favors because they make good distractions on a rainy/snowy day.
Create a Craft Box
Minnie Mouse Fashion Set– This mom said her daughter loved changing Minnie’s outfits!
Make a Quiet Time Fort– Everything is so much more fun in a fort! This can be his/her quiet time nook to read, play with stickers, do puzzles, draw, or play with a flashlight.  
 If you don’t mind some educational screen time- Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD– It teaches letter sounds and comes with flashcards.
       One mom gave some great advice- “Provide a limited number of toys (7 max) that don’t “do” anything. If fewer toys are available for play, kids will spend more time focusing on what is available instead of being overwhelmed by choices which leads to boredom.” For more on this she suggested
Happy you time! 
P.S.- You can also visit tiny-trots’ Pinterest page for some other ideas. 

Whipped out the Lincoln Logs I bought a year and a half ago for this snow storm



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  1. Hi! First time reader of your blog (I'm relatively new blogger since last year too, I blog over at and saw these great ideas! My son is still young (under 3) but I am collecting and brainstorming activities for him too because he's getting pretty active! Also— I love the advice about providing limited toys. I started downsizing when he turned 2. Thanks for this post!

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