Hummus Lemon Dressing

Lemons are one of the loves of my life. I use them all the time in my recipes, especially when I want to flavor my fruits and vegetables. This Hummus Lemon Dressing was created because I got bored of my usualĀ olive oil and vinegar dressing. It’s pretty lemony, so you can obviously adjust the amount of zest and/or juice to your liking.

Makes 1/2 cup


Hummus Lemon Dressing Ingredients



Combine all ingredients in a bowl, except for the pita chips. Mix everything well, and then pour it on top of your favorite lettuce. I chopped up cherry tomatoes of various colors, as well as an English cucumber. Add the crushed pita chips and enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Hummus Lemon Dressing”

  1. What a great start to 2016! Your dressing sounds amazing! I would have never thought of hummus in dressing, but I can hardly wait to try it. Great picture and pinning!

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