A Fall Birthday Party Idea for Kids

My son has a fall birthday, and the fall can be a tricky time to plan a party outside. It can get pretty cold and rainy, which sucks for party planners! We got lucky this year with beautiful weather for “Flash’s”┬ácelebration. I wanted to keep it smaller and simpler than usual, therefore we only invited our family, closest friends, and neighbors and invested in one affordable activity- bales of straw from The Home Depot. They were about $10 per bale. We got five or six of them, stacked them, and let the kids jump around and entertain themselves. Husband even made a tunnel out of them, similar to what you see at a pumpkin patch. It brought a “fall feel” to the party, and most importantly, the kids loved it! If you have the space in your backyard and don’t mind a straw-filled car trunk, then I recommend┬áthis party highlight for your kid(dos)!

5 thoughts on “A Fall Birthday Party Idea for Kids”

  1. I can see kids having a lot of fun with hay bales. They can jump around and climb on them and not really hurt themselves.

  2. Love this idea! My son’s birthday is in October and my daughter in November. It is pretty touch to pre-schedule outdoor birthday parties since the weather changes so drastically. I love the idea of using hay bales especially since this can be a great outdoor activity for a 15-20minutes then they can head indoors if it gets too cold. Thanks for sharing.

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