DIY Chocolate Easter Eggs

Instead of dying eggs this year, I decided to make DIY chocolate Easter eggs. It is too easy and makes a beautiful dessert, gift, and/or centerpiece for your table. You may be asking, “Danielle, did you make the chocolate yourself??” Of course I did…And I also picked the cocoa beans ;) haha.

All you need is:

  • 2+ bags of white chocolate chips (if you want white eggs plus another color(s))
  • 1+ bags of milk or dark chocolate chips
  • Egg molds
  • OIL BASED food coloring (I used Americolor Oil Food Coloring)
1. First I want to say that my ultimate goal was to have a variety of colored eggs to place on a platter in the middle of my dining table. Once our meal is done, we can all grab and gnosh on them as we wish.
To get started on your colored eggs, all you need to do is make a double broiler to melt the chocolate. What the hell is a double broiler?? Well, you get a saucepan and pour in a 1/4 cup of water into it. You then place a heat-resistant bowl in the saucepan. The boiling water in the saucepan heats up the chocolate bowl without actually boiling the chocolate.
Once the heat is on and you have your double broiler, add the white chocolate chips. It’ll take a couple of minutes for the water to heat up the bowl, but you’ll eventually start to see the chips melt. Stir frequently and keep a close eye on the chocolate as it can burn pretty easily.
2. Now add the food coloring and continue to stir. Add as much or as little as you like. Remember it’s best to start with a little amount because you can always add more once the chips have completely melted.
3. Once the chocolate chips have completely melted, remove the bowl from the stove and pour the chocolate into your molds.
I bought cheap molds from Amazon, as you can see
4.  Refrigerate the molds. It only took mine two to three hours to harden.
5. Remove the chocolate from the molds and place them on a pretty platter. Now continue these batches, but you obviously exclude the food coloring when you’re making your milk/dark chocolate eggs.
6. I am refrigerating my eggs in the platter I’m serving so the platter remains cool when it’s used as my centerpiece for the table.
As I mentioned in my intro, you can make these as gifts. I used (old) tissue paper and twine to wrap mine and called it a day!
Happy Easter! (I promise this is my last Easter post)

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