Delicious, Fresh-Pressed Juices

A couple of months ago, I discovered raw, fresh-pressed juices. I find that when I eat a ton of fruits and vegetables, I have more energy and feel better overall, but I don’t always have the time to prepare them (or the willpower to eat them raw!). ¬†Most of the juices I tried just tasted like grass, so I nearly discontinued my hunt for a better juice. But I still wanted the ease of ingesting all of those veggie nutrients – and then I (luckily) came across Alive Juices!

Alive Juices was created by Rachan Malhotra, a former programmer who began making juices in an effort to nurse his father back to health. His father had a stroke in 2009 (leaving him half paralyzed), and Rachan and his family didn’t find the hospital’s nutritional care favorable. After doing some research, they began preparing Ayerveda-based juices, and within a few months, they noticed a drastic change towards recovery. Today, Rachan’s father is almost back to normal.

I’m a big believer in the power of food and the impact it has on our bodies, so I was very excited for the opportunity to try some new juices. Alive Juices emailed me a wealth of information about the ingredients of each juice, and reasons that make Alive Juices different from other juices (for example, the fact that they combine Ayervedic principles with nutritional research), and their free, speedy delivery impressed me. ¬†Alive Juices gave me the following juices to try: Positive Karma, Detox Mantra, Guru’s Green, and Morning Sunshine (all their juices are vegan and gluten free). Even though each juice is different, they all contain the Big 4 (lemon, garlic, apples, and ginger).

After trying Recipe Positive Karma, I couldn’t believe how good it was. It was the best I’d ever had! Their juices have balance. Nothing was too over-powering, and nothing tasted like grass (and in fact, most of them had a natural sweetness to them – not too sugary either… just right). Even Husband, who is to this day a bit reluctant about eating raw veggies (he grew up eating cheese and butter like it was the Bovine Apocalypse), really enjoyed them.

Unfortunately, I only had four juices to drink over a four day period, so I can’t say that I felt more energized. But what I can say is that weeks later, I still miss and crave my juices! It would be a great supplement to my workout and healthy lifestyle.

To learn about Alive Juices’ plans, eight flavors, ingredients, and prices, you can visit their site. Their juices are prepared in a government-approved kitchen in Silver Spring and delivered throughout the DC metro area.

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Alive Juices gave Where’s The Mama and Tiny-Trots free samples of its juices to try. Where’s The Mama and Tiny-Trots ONLY writes reviews for tested and approved products and services.