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Like many parents these days, I care (a lot) about what my kids watch on TV. Their TV time is monitored and parental controls are in place. This is why I’m starting to think more about the options provided by our cable TV provider. In addition to the responsible side of TV parenting, it’s also nice having features that can make parenting a little easier. Ahem- streaming TV for the kids while you’re traveling or need quiet time running your fifth errand for the day. It’s nice knowing you have practical and indulgent cable choices that help your family.

Last week I attended Comcast’s Lunch & Learn blogger event with NBC 4’s news anchor, Eun Yang. I had a really nice time! The Comcast staff was incredibly friendly, welcoming, and very professional. We bloggers broke into two small groups and had a Q & A with Eun Yang about the role TV plays in our home. We then had the opportunity to learn and explore XFINITY’s new TV platform, X1. It was really informative and quite alluring. After learning about its features, apps, and wireless home alarm system option, we are strongly considering switching over to Comcast. We didn’t have a good experience with them 10 years ago (in Florida), but we’re willing to give them another shot. SO… well done, crew!


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#ComcastConnects Lunch & Learn.

Here are the X1 features that stood out to me as a mom (you can check out the rest for yourself here):



Kids Zone

Having oversight of what my kids watch on TV is freaking fantastic! And as the boys get older, parental controls will become even more important. With Comcast, you can set them based on your child’s age in the Kids Zone. Here they can watch movies and shows purchased through the XFINITY Digital store, stored in the DVR, or On Demand. The coolest thing, I think, is that all of these programs are flagged by the popular and reliable group, Common Sense Media (providing independent reviews, age ratings, and other relevant information about children’s media). All you need to do is click on the “Parental Guide” button below the show’s information to see what Common Sense Media rates it. If you have Netflix, Kids Zone is very similar to Netflix Kids; minus the Common Sense Media feature.




Optional Wireless Home Security Alarm

We have an alarm system, and if we choose to go wireless, XFINITY Home Security can do it. They offer you: one touch screen controller, one motion sensor, three door or window sensors, and one wireless keypad.

Everything is customizable, and you can create options to receive, for example, a text message if your front door doesn’t open at 3:30 pm when little Johnny should be home. I witnessed it, and you get the text immediately. With a camera, you can see a video or an image of little Johnny sneaking in his little girlfriend. You can witch it live from the app or on the recording when you get home. You can also alarm and disarm your system remotely. No more rushing home to see what the emergency is – your smartphone or tablet can become a remote control for your home.

Streaming on Portable Devices

Now that summer is approaching, we can take our shows with us as we travel. Our beach rentals don’t usually have cable, so this is a nice perk. If we wanted to, we could all watch a different show at the same time; on up to five portable devices. As stated on “Xfinity TV customers with X1 DVR with cloud technology* can turn any screen into a TV inside the home. That means the ability to stream any channel live, watch thousands of Xfinity On Demand titles and access DVR shows on a tablet or smartphone.” For those of us who are less technologically-inclined, you don’t have to learn a new interface on a portable device. What you see on your TV interface is what you’ll see on your iPad or computer.

Fastest In-Home WiFi With 12 Million Hot Spots in the U.S.

If you work at home and/or travel a lot, their WiFi is a good fit. Comcast claims to have the fastest in-home WiFi, and it’s no additional cost with your XFINITY internet service. Whether you’re streaming movies and shows or downloading pictures of the kids, you’ll get it fast. This is perfect for my blogging and Husband’s work-from-home days.


Do you have XFINITY? If so, what do you love about it?


*In exchange for attending Comcast’s #ComcastConnects Lunch & Learn, I received a mini tablet and gift bag. No payment was received for writing this post.  All comments and opinions are my own. If you haven’t noticed already, I barely do sponsored posts. That’s because I’ve become very selective as I only choose what I think my readers will enjoy. You’re welcome (haha). 

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