School Rocks…The House

Flash started preschool last week, and he loves it. Zero tears, and he couldn’t wait to get up the next day and go again. I had the assumption that if my son was tear free and excited about school, then that meant the end of any possible adjustment concerns. I was wrong, and I wish someone would have warned me about this.
Since he started school, I have noticed several changes.  It started with some hyperactivity when he came home on the first day.  I thought he was just excited – but then it didn’t stop. I noticed him screaming, overreacting, throwing frequent tantrums, and fighting sleep.  He’s been more aggressive towards his brother (hitting, pushing, pinching, yelling); and even on occasion yelling “Don’t leave me!”
I did some research and asked around to see if other moms were experiencing the same things.  I found that these are normal reactions to a new situation.  Starting preschool is a big change, and it takes time to adjust. It makes sense that he neither understands what he’s feeling, nor is able to communicate it. Thus, he acts out.  I found this helpful resource. It’s from the Psychology Foundation , and it talks about preschoolers’ stress, its possible causes, symptoms, and recommendations for dealing with it.