A New Career!

Why hello there! It’s been a while. I know. A lot has changed since I last posted. First, I slowed down my blog postings because I was ramping up my freelance writing gig. I really enjoyed writing about motherhood and life in Northern Virginia and loved the challenge that came with writing for different publications … Continue reading A New Career!

A New Chapter: Rediscovering Myself

“Mommy, what is this?” Curiosity speaks again; a welcomed guest in our home for the last five years. He’s my children’s momentum, and sometimes my vexation. However, as he gently creates a world around my kids, I find it hard to not be pulled in as well. The spirit of inquiry and force of investigation are too tantalizing to resist. As a … Continue reading A New Chapter: Rediscovering Myself

I’m a Mommy Cliche

  Even though I haven’t given up my heels or sense of style (as discussed in I Still Rap In My Leather Pants), I have surrendered to practicality. I’ve fully delved into the once unimaginable stereotypes of parenthood. In other words, I’ve become that trademark of motherhood I thought I’d never be. Easy Spirits with a pencil … Continue reading I’m a Mommy Cliche

I Still Rap in My Leather Pants

My mother was a free spirit trapped in a socialite’s body.  She was kind of a cross between Matthew McConaughey and Princess Diana. It was an amusing juxtaposition to observe- this classy, mature, and elegantly-dressed woman who relished the opportunities to let loose and be goofy. As a young girl, I looked up to her; … Continue reading I Still Rap in My Leather Pants

Not So Alone

  Well, it’s done. My first event came and went, and I can say that with a smile. Thank you so much to my friends who came out to support me. I feel very grateful for having you all in my life!! Finding good, loyal friends isn’t easy, but I lucked out. Hopefully The Women’s Center received a … Continue reading Not So Alone

Relaunch Party Countdown

  I can’t wait for the event this Thursday!! I feel so grateful for all my good friends who are coming out to support me. It’ll be a fun night of shopping and mingling. Remember it’s March 3rd from 7-9 pm at Mosaic District. I hope to meet some of you :) One of you will … Continue reading Relaunch Party Countdown

My Imperfect, Happy Marriage

  Do you ever feel frustrated trying to arrange your flowers in a vase? My mom had a knack for it.  She could take these imperfect flowers, care for them, and create this beautiful display. I always hoped her botanical skills would rub off on me. Well they didn’t. Instead I fell prey to their deceiving … Continue reading My Imperfect, Happy Marriage

If Our Toilet Could Talk

We are past potty training. Now, my five and three-year-old sons have entered the Era of the Bowl of Golden Showers. By this I mean, we are in a phase where the whole bathroom is showered with love every time my precious boys (literally) run in and out. Always in a rush? YES. Why? I DON’T KNOW. … Continue reading If Our Toilet Could Talk