Hummus Lemon Dressing

Lemons are one of the loves of my life. I use them all the time in my recipes, especially when I want to flavor my fruits and vegetables. This Hummus Lemon Dressing was created because I got bored of my usual olive oil and vinegar dressing. It’s pretty lemony, so you can obviously adjust the amount … Continue reading Hummus Lemon Dressing

Homemade Fuit Rolls

Do you remember eating Fruit Roll-Ups as a kid? They were awesome. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered how easy they are to make AND how healthy. You only need 3 ingredients that you probably already have at home- strawberries, a lemon, and honey or agave nectar. It’s like eating a solid virgin strawberry daiquiri. … Continue reading Homemade Fuit Rolls

DIY Chocolate Easter Eggs

Instead of dying eggs this year, I decided to make DIY chocolate Easter eggs. It is too easy and makes a beautiful dessert, gift, and/or centerpiece for your table. You may be asking, “Danielle, did you make the chocolate yourself??” Of course I did…And I also picked the cocoa beans ;) haha. All you need … Continue reading DIY Chocolate Easter Eggs

Two Halloween Treat Ideas

Let me start this post by saying I am not a baker. The last time I baked, I made a cheesecake and was told it tasted like feet. Therefore, I am sharing two simple, easy, and quick recipes, using Rice Krispies, for you non-baking mamas and papas. DIY Crunch Bar I’m very excited because Tuesday … Continue reading Two Halloween Treat Ideas

The Battle Over the Artichoke

I often hear parents complain about their kids not eating vegetables. My kids happen to be the odd ones out who like their fruits and veggies. I always make sure to have them out for dinner, so they are always present and available. If they don’t want it, no big deal. One vegetable that gets … Continue reading The Battle Over the Artichoke