DIY Wax for Hair Removal

My husband calls me a hippie and tree-hugger, and I admit I kind of am, but not in a purist-kind-of-way. By this I mean, I love all natural, organic, and environmentally conscious lifestyles. However… sporting a mustache and combing my legs are not options.  For this reason, after a very stressful couple of weeks (we … Continue reading DIY Wax for Hair Removal

Gratitude Chalkboard

  It’s very important for me to teach my kids gratitude. At a friend’s house, I saw a board hanging on her kitchen wall. Written on it were the names of all the members in her family and what each was grateful for. I fell in love with this way of teaching kids gratitude. I … Continue reading Gratitude Chalkboard

DIY Attempt #1: Wall Coat Hanger

I love making things! Pinterest is a great inspiration, and I’m endlessly in awe of all you brilliant people’s creativity. That’s where I got the idea for this craft project. I decided to save myself some money and make a coat/bag hanger for Flash’s room. I might be embarrassing myself and in need of an … Continue reading DIY Attempt #1: Wall Coat Hanger