DIY Countdown to the Holidays

While most moms are getting their holiday shopping done, I’m in Guest Blog Wonderland. One of the guest blogs I wrote up this week was a DIY holiday craft for Hip Mama’s Place. I painted a few wooden cubes, which my boys love. When they wake up, they enjoy changing the number of days until Christmas. … Continue reading DIY Countdown to the Holidays

Vintage Maps: Where Are You From?

  I LOVE vintage everything, and Husband and I decided to buy antique maps to decorate our dining room. However, I wanted to personalize the decor a bit by getting maps of states and countries we are from. We have Missouri, Illinois, Virginia, and Central America. An entire wall with different maps from your family members’ … Continue reading Vintage Maps: Where Are You From?

Affordable Wall Art

Wall art can get pricey, especially if you have champagne taste. But you don’t need to drop $100+ for it! As a mom, you probably get a lot of “presents” from Mother Nature. Instead of watching your child cry as they shrivel up and get dumped in the trash, get creative and glue away. It’s so … Continue reading Affordable Wall Art

Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

Summer provides us with a break from the indoors. I love getting out on the deck and doing crafts with the kids. Not only is it a nice change in scenery, but my eyes twitch when my kids ask me to play with Play Doh or paint. At least when you’re outside, you don’t need … Continue reading Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

DIY Christmas Decor

(Please excuse the spacing and image issues with this post! When it was transferred over from my old blog, this happened, and I can’t fix it!) As Christmas approaches, I’m adding the finishing touches to our Christmas decor. We don’t have a fireplace mantel, but I still want a place to hang our stockings. On … Continue reading DIY Christmas Decor