They Get Around

There are two parts of my body that get a lot of action these days. They put a smile on my face, and never seem to stop moving.  Yes, I’m talking about my feet. These two pedicured laborers have allowed me to escape a few times this summer. I didn’t want them to feel unappreciated, so I … Continue reading They Get Around

Relaunch Party Countdown

  I can’t wait for the event this Thursday!! I feel so grateful for all my good friends who are coming out to support me. It’ll be a fun night of shopping and mingling. Remember it’s March 3rd from 7-9 pm at Mosaic District. I hope to meet some of you :) One of you will … Continue reading Relaunch Party Countdown

Holiday Deals Guide

When I go shopping, I tend to look for pieces that stand out. They usually cost a little more, but I think it’s worth it because I love them. I found some of these stand-out pieces at South Moon Under. If you live in the DC area, you’ve probably come across their store. As an affiliate, I … Continue reading Holiday Deals Guide

DIY Wax for Hair Removal

My husband calls me a hippie and tree-hugger, and I admit I kind of am, but not in a purist-kind-of-way. By this I mean, I love all natural, organic, and environmentally conscious lifestyles. However… sporting a mustache and combing my legs are not options.  For this reason, after a very stressful couple of weeks (we … Continue reading DIY Wax for Hair Removal