Affordable Wall Art


Wall art can get pricey, especially if you have champagne taste. But you don’t need to drop $100+ for it! As a mom, you probably get a lot of “presents” from Mother Nature. Instead of watching your child cry as they shrivel up and get dumped in the trash, get creative and glue away. It’s so affordable and brings a touch of color and nature into your home (and bonus- you get to keep these precious “presents”).

I think it’s a cute idea to frame the foliage you and your family pick up on your times together. My kids particularly love picking off leaves and flowers. They always explain in their cute, thoughtful manner – “This is for you, Daddy, …”  You can make it for yourself or for a gift for someone else who had some special bonding time with a loved one. I wish I would’ve kept the first flower (or weed) each one of my boys picked for me!




All it takes is a little bit of Mod Podge to glue your dried foliage to a piece of paper. I didn’t feel like going out and buying paper for the background, so I used an ecru-like construction paper. I put it in a pretty frame, and voila! Now I have a meaningful (and beautiful) piece of art work!


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