A New Swim School in Northern Virginia

It’s freezing in the DC area. One more week of these arctic winds and I swear you’ll only find my smoke trail to Fiji. For this reason I was excited when I received the invitation to attend Goldfish Swim School’s grand opening party on February 7th. This Reston swim facility was the perfect respite from Mother Nature. Not only does its pool stay at a comfortable 90 degrees, but their Hawaiian-Tiki décor has you pining for a tropical refreshment.


Flash was my date to the grand opening pool party. When we arrived I couldn’t believe how many people were there! This school recently opened its doors in November, yet there was a line of people waiting to go in. After seeing what was inside, I understood why.  There was a raffle, pizza, cookies, ice cream, drinks, a face painter, and a pool full of smiles. It took Flash all of 30 seconds to begin stripping down to his trunks, throwing his clothes in a cubby, and pulling me towards the pool.
Goldfish Swim School has a waiting area for parents and siblings. It’s filled with chairs, tiki tables, fish tanks, cubbies, and a craft table for coloring. On this day it was also filled with parents unwilling to sport their own swimsuits. That was OK because on the other side of this glass-enclosed area there were about 10 lifeguards and a bench full of lifejackets for the kids. In the pool, there were all sorts of toys: noodles, cars, inflatable jet skis, canoes with paddles, and more. Flash had a blast just floating around while he patiently waited to ride on one of the large floating vehicles.
After swimming for an hour, it was time for us to leave. It took a little coaxing to get Flash out, but after reminding him that we will be back for swim lessons, his affect changed and he willingly exited the pool. We then left the steamy pool area and returned to the “Tiki Wonderland” to get changed. For your convenience, the facility has restrooms with showers, private changing rooms, and blow driers.

I have to admit that a business’ cleanliness is a deal-breaker for me. If it’s dirty and run-down, I won’t go back. At Goldfish Swim School, my kids could lick the floors and my heart wouldn’t skip a beat. They run a clean, tight ship – from the floors to the staff. They’ve done a great job and developed a well-deserved reputation which is why I happily share this family-friendly business with you.



For information on Goldfish Swim School’s swim lessons, clinics, and family swim times you can visit their website or call them at 703. 348.3261.  

This is a sponsored blog review. All opinions, texts, and photos are Danielle Larkins’. 

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